Maia Toys to launch re-brand, new products, growing team at July ANME 2017

Maia Toys is excited to unveil several new additions to their brand at the July 2017 ANME trade show.

Earlier this year, Maia added industry vet Nicole Talley to their team as VP of Sales. Talley will be making her debut with the manufacturer at the booth this summer. Talley has been a driving force in re-charging Maia Toys’ approach to customer service and retail relations.

The company has spent the last year re-branding their signature colorful aesthetic and refining their luxury toy line. Maia will be launching 5 new products with high-end features accompanied by new marketing resources for customers. Five of Maia’s current best sellers will also be available in new packaging. “All of our new releases are rechargeable, high-grade silicone, and amazingly powerful, and everything in our Diamond Collection is submersible,” remarks Talley. “Maia Toys is taking an exciting new direction with our products, packaging, and merchandising options.”

The company’s latest designs include Syrene, an artistic take on the bullet vibrator with a flexible stem; Sera, a clitoral lay-on vibrator with fluttering ears; Darcy, a femme-inspired vibrating booty plug; Roxie, a glamorous lipstick vibe; and Jack, a dual-vibrating wearable couples’ C-ring. “We wanted to bring more feminine concepts and shapes into our new designs,” says Maia Toys President Fai Chan.

The sales team encourages new and long-standing customers to join in on Maia’s enhanced client experience and vibrant new look at the ANME booth. “The new direction we are going with Maia is worth a visit,” remarks Talley. “You won’t be disappointed!”