MaleEdge & Jes-Extender launching new BtB Purchase & Marketing Portal

New marketing materials for online and bricks & mortar shop use will be launched at this year´s eroFame by Penis Growth brands MaleEdge and Jes-Extender. “For years we have supported our BtB clients with online booking accounts and marketing resources. Leading up to the eroFame we are now relaunching our BtB presence at the ExtenderBtB website which will be opened on October 3rd at the eroFame,“ Managing Partner Klaus Pedersen says. “The ‘Purchase’ part of the BtB portal is tailored to allow our clients to have an easy and seamless process for ordering, shipping costs calculated on the fly, payment etc. This then mean that ‘next morning’ our warehouse is ready to ship, and we can normally deliver ‘stocked’ for all products. Due to this we have a quite short-order-lead-time and deliver normally within days of receiving orders, to most global markets”. Klaus adds: “Since we are dealing globally it is of course important to be able to service 24/7 even though we are not ‘in the office’ so to say, in Copenhagen, Denmark.We want our clients to be able to order and finalize in one go and know that we can ship out to them quickly. Additionally, we have worked intensively to produce strong new and improved marketing resources for our BtB Distributors/Wholesalers and Retailers. These are also being launched at the eroFame! Our new BtB Marketing Portal will include all main product graphics, sales support materials, videos, shop kit concepts, local-market-language version and much more. We will include a full new line of MaleEdge and Jes-Extender high-end photos, and support-material as single-product sheets and more. And we offer of course to work with our sellers to tailor to what extent we can for their local needs!”