Screenshot from Access Hollywood on Fifty Shades of Grey

NBC’s Access Hollywood features official Fifty Shades Darker Pleasure Collection

The Fifty Shades Darker official sex toy range has been featured on major US TV Station NBC in the US, on mainstream show Access Hollywood. With an audience of over 5 million, the segment was hosted by Dana B. Myers – founder of Booty Parlor and an on-camera expert who discusses sex, relationships and sensual products. The segment featured the No Bounds Spreader Bar, the His Rules Bondage Bow Tie, the Anastasia and Secret Prince Masquerade Masks and the No Bounds Ankle Cuffs.

Presenter Kit Hoover wears the Secret Prince Masquerade Mask while Dana comments: “The fun thing about masks is they allow you to assume different roles in the bedroom and even be a different person in the bedroom. That helps to release your inhibitions and really cut loose.”

Commenting on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, Dana said: “The key is to break-out of your routine if you want to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. I think Fifty Shades and that whole phenomenon has given people permission to try new things and express themselves in a different way.”

UK-based online sex toy retailer Lovehoney holds the license to make, manufacture and market the official Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure products ranges. After the worldwide movie release, the sex toy retailer has reported an uplift in sales of three of the most prominently featured products in the film. Pleasure Ball sales have increased by 561%, Spreader Bar sales are up 212% and Nipple Clamps by 71%.

Kate Hodgson-Egan, Lovehoney Sales Manager for the UK and US said: “The Fifty Shades of Grey books and movies have inspired people to try new and exciting things in the bedroom and the new movie has boosted sales of key items in the range. We urge distributors to stock up on these products as we predict that the Spreader Bar, Nipple Clamps and Pleasure Balls are to become staples in customers’ collections.” The clip can be viewed here.