New at ORION Wholesale: Inflatable sex cushions for couples who like experimenting

Two new inflatable sex cushions from You2Toys are now available from ORION Wholesale – for couples who like experimenting, who want to spice up their sex life and who love trying out new and exciting positions. 

The sex cushions ‘Inflatable Love Cushion’ and ‘Love Cushion Portable Triangle’ can be inflated easily. Their ergonomic shapes and wonderful sizes mean that they’re perfect for various sex positions. Dislocated joints can be avoided and this means that a couple can just concentrate on pleasure instead. Furthermore, the inflatable cushions bounce up and down during penetration and many women find this extremely arousing. The sex cushions are suitable for a weight of up to 130 kg. The adjustable handcuffs are a real highlight because they can be hooked onto the sides of the cushions therefore making additional bondage games possible. The inflatable cushions can be deflated quickly and then stored discreetly after use. 

The ‘Inflatable Love Cushion’, and the ‘Love Cushion Portable Triangle’ come with a repair kit. The cushions are delivered in high-quality, sturdy packaging that has a picture and description of the respective product in various languages on it too. As well as the repair kit, the ‘Love Cushion Portable Triangle’ also comes with handcuffs, a paddle and a feather tickler.