New Shunga image and products for 2015

SHUNGA Erotic Art launched a new image at the beginning of 2015 that continued throughout the year. “When you see our new booth at the eroFame in October, you will fully sense the wind of change” says Sylvain Séguin Eau Zone Oils & Fragrances’ President. “It first started by changing our website and trade advertisements. We are now offering our customers brand new marketing tools reflecting this new 2015 image. It’s also influencing the new product design and labels”, continued Sylvain. “This image is much more colorful, romantic, refined and polished. For each flavor or fragrance a different colored Shunga is attributed, which pleases consumers” says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Marketing Director. The increase in sales speaks for itself. Under the new image change, Shunga has created 4 new product videos (available in English and French) for the Dragon Cream, Secret Garden gel, the new massage candles and for the Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss. These videos can be viewed on youtube under those titles:

Shunga Erotic Art – Dragon Cream
Shunga Erotict Art – Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss
Shunga Erotict Art – Secret Garden
Shunga Erotict Art – Massage Candle


These videos are informative and serve as a “how to” of the products. A different ambiance was created to represent each product. “Seeing our drawings come to life is truly a great experience” completes Jean-Pierre. “We are also working on new marketing tools such as testers, new flyers, new posters, etc. We will show them at the eroFame”, says Jean-Pierre.