Oxballs & hünkyjunk have big news!! …We’re proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated B2B website, offering a new tool for keeping your business up to date with the latest products and making it easy to access our entire catalog and other selling tools to help your business thrive – all in one place. 

Oxballs has so much cool gear you might not even know about, or have even seen–shopping our product for your store wasn’t easy…until now! The site operates as a virtual showroom for you and your buyers to easily browse our entire catalog of products. Viewed as a buying tool, the site will provide customer-specific pricing along with history and sections to interact with your rep. Viewed as a catalog, the site can be shared with anyone without a login, just like any print catalog –useful for distributors to share with their customers, or retailers wanting to train and inform staff on selling tools and techniques.

Stay up-to-date on the latest releases from Oxballs and hünkyjunk! The site offers not only easily accessible “new” sections, but a customized interactive experience with your sales rep. We can share products and build offerings for you, which you can view all in one place. Our ability to help craft a smart offering focused on the clientele your business serves is now easily available at just one click. 

Use the data-dump features to on-board new items or clean up your current listings! The site offers easily accessible data loading features and with just one click you can download multiple SKUs of images and listing verbiage all in one simple download. 

The site is full of marketing resources and selling tools. Oxballs & hünkyjunk marketing have helped build the strong consumer following organically over time – now retailers and suppliers can access a world of marketing tools to help their business thrive with our message, or even customize and co-brand by using available photoshop files which businesses can change themselves. Also available across best-selling designs are one-sheet TIP-IN sell sheets, which can be used to market your best sellers, or to help your teams understand design features and speak solid selling language around our unique pieces and materials. 

The new website couldn’t launch at a better time–we all need time-saving ways to shop for product and gear, now you can see everything we make and order anytime, anyplace…let us know if we can help you set up your account–or just go to the site and enter a little info to set up your account anytime.