New Zealand sexuality podcast ‘The Electric Rodeo’ launches season 2

The Electric Rodeo‘, an Adulttoymegastore podcast about sex, pleasure, relationships and everything in-between, has returned for a second season and launched its first four episodes on some rather ‘taboo’ topics: squirting, butt stuff, STIs and porn. The New Zealand podcast, which is hosted by sex educator Emma Hewitt and produced by Nicole Goodman of Australia’s SoundCartel, is back to bust sex myths and answer all the questions you’ve ever had about sex that you were too afraid to ask. In the first four episodes Emma covers everything you’ve always wanted to know about squirting, butt stuff, STIs and online sex with the help of some very special international guests, including the current squirting world champion and record holder Lola Jean, the founder of iconic anal sex toy brand B-Vibe Alicia Sinclair Rosen, founder of the STI Project Jenelle Marie Pierce, and the founder of the social sex platform Make Love Not Porn, Cindy Gallop. 

Commenting on the aim of the podcast, which is currently ranked in New Zealand’s top five favourite sexuality podcasts, Emma said: “This podcast aims to normalise discussion around sex and to frame sex and sexuality as a positive, pleasure focused activity rather than something that should be shameful. All sexual activities, so long as they are legal, consensual and not causing harm to yourself or others, are normal and healthy. Our goal is to normalise the idea of sex and pleasure as an important part of our health and wellness. Globally, our sex education is less than adequate. It is usually based on narratives of fear about STIs or pregnancy and is widely abstinence-based, so, not exactly ideal. The Electric Rodeo is the sex-ed we wish we had in school! 

“We hope to encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to their sex lives and beliefs around sex. Because sex is normal, messy, pleasurable, intimidating, and a hell of a lot of fun!” 

Season two contains 12 episodes with a new episode release every second Tuesday. Each episode is between 25-35 minutes and can be listened to for free on all your favourite podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and follow The Electric Rodeo Instagram to stay up to date with new episodes: @electricrodeopodcast.