Normalizing pleasure & busting taboos: Besharam celebrates 9th anniversary

“This celebration is to 9 years of advocating for sexual empowerment, 9 years of standing up to the system, and 9 years of trying normalize pleasure,” says the Besharam team., India’s #1 Adult e-commerce store, celebrates its 9th anniversary to mark the unconventional journey it has led in the Indian markets with its Besharam approach. Founded in 2013 by Raj Armani and Salim Ranjan, identifies as a one-stop multi-brand ecommerce shop showcasing the best international brands for Indian hands.

Raj Armani, the co-founder and CEO of IMBesharam, recalls how the journey for this unorthodox store started in a landscape where adult toys were taboo to even talk about and carried the implication for their use of being a sex fiend or a ‘deviant’ of sorts. He adds, “In the initial years of setting up IMBesharam, our path to becoming a viable business was to create acceptance around adult toys. We had to tell people that seeking pleasure was not a sin.” However, today the story for IMBesharam is profoundly different as it marks the breakthrough milestone of delivering more than one million orders to date and catering to more than 2 million yearly traffic on its website.

IMBesharam has also actively shouldered the sex-positive movement with its creative and unique campaigns like the Great Indian Sex Survey, Log Kya Kahenge, and the Kinky Delhi Campaign to transform the traditional perceptions of pleasure. The brand has consistently extended sustainable partnerships with Indian sex educators to support individuals in seeing their pleasure on equal terms with self-love and self-exploration. Through its educative and interactive content around sex, gratification, and everything around it, the Besharam team strives to encourage Indians to explore, experiment, and experience the epitome of their pleasure – every day.

IMBesharam has received love, support and congratulatory wishes on its 9th Anniversary from the leaders of its Indian peers PeeSafe, Sirona, Bleu Condoms, Sangya Project, and Tickle.Life along with international partners MaleEdge and Satifyer USA; youth influencers Under 25 Universe, Kajol Tyagi, Anagha Shinde, Divya Dhawan; sexual wellness influencers Pallavi Barnwal, and Aili Seghetti; and medical practitioners Dr. Niveditha, and Dr. Rashi to name a few. Watch the entire video here.