Odile Toys seeks Crowdfunding support

Odile Toys founders Benjamin Jay and Chloe Gagnon are announcing the launch of an IndieGoGo campaign in support of their flagship sex toy, Odile – Butt Plug Dilator.

“The product is already in the manufacturing process, and will be delivered to early bird customers who participated in our crowdfunding campaign late by October 2020 ,” says Jay. 

Odile anal sex toy, invented by Jay and Gagnon, is a truly remarkable product that promises to make comfortable, pleasurable anal sex a reality for all.

Using the team’s proprietary technology, Odile is a butt plug designed for easy insertion and safe, gentle and pain-free dilation that works for beginners and advanced users alike. 

Odile features a 2.5 cm wide shaft with a rounded, profile tip end to ease insertion, medical-grade silicone exterior for maximum comfort, and flared, wide base to keep Odile safely anchored outside the anus. Once inserted, users can turn the black key located at Odile’s base, which slowly increases the girth of the shaft millimeter by millimeter. Odile’s shaft can be increased to reach (3.9 cm of girth at the user’s preferred pace, which Jay says it’s needed most for anal sex. 

Odile’s IndieGoGo campaign is now live and accepting orders. The campaign will last 60 days, beginning on August 15th, with the first round of product deliveries arriving by late October 2020.

Odile Toys was created when Jay and Gagnon realized the niche of toys made for anal dilation was lacking in products that could deliver real results. 

“For many years, I was frustrated by the products on the market for anal dilation,” says Jay. “A lot had been done, and I respect what mainstream anal sex toy companies have offered, but for me it was not efficient enough. Good anal sex requires good anal dilation first, and I believe that the sex toys on the market for anal dilation are not doing the job properly.”

Jay found typical market offerings, like butt plug sets and inflatable devices, inferior for myriad reasons. 

He remarks that traditional triple plug kits with small, medium and large-size toys ask consumers to size-up too quickly, which isn’t comfortable or safe for the sensitive tissue of the anus and rectum. Additionally, standard plug designs often thin out near the base of the plug, reducing dilation at the sphincter where Jay says it’s needed most.

Inflatable butt plugs are, according to Jay, similarly problematic, as they can leak air or even burst inside the anus. Even when functioning properly, the “balloon effect” of inflatable anal toys can be ineffective or uncomfortable for new users.

“I thought that the perfect anal dilation had to be done by one single product that was easy and comfortable to use, and once inserted inside the anus allowed the user to control precisely and gradually its girth and dilates equally the whole anus,” says Jay. “I wanted a “sexy” sex toy that allows the user to focus only on pleasure and was something that all genders would want to use.”

For wholesale or retail inquiries, visit OdileToys.com or contact founder Benjamin Jay at Support@Odiletoys.com.