‘Original BIOglide’ deserves the highest consumer confidence

What could be better in a relationship than trust and good sex? When people know that they are only entrusting their bodies with the best quality products, happiness is almost complete! JOYDIVISION contributes to this happiness, because the Original BIOglide lubricant from JOYDIVISION has been awarded the best rating by ÖKO-TEST for the eighth time. Oliver Redschlag, CEO of JOYDIVISION international AG, is delighted and reports: “For almost a quarter of a century, JOYDIVISION has distinguished itself by optimising BIOglide based on the needs, settings and wishes of users. The repeated awards from ÖKO-TEST confirm us in our work and reward the use of unique formulations and the highest quality raw materials.”

Making love with BIOglide means making a small contribution to climate protection, because conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. JOYDIVISION international AG therefore consciously focuses on climate-friendly production in Germany. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by a climate protection project. In love as well as in organic products, the highest standards apply. The natural and vegan BIOglide offers gentle support for vaginal moisture. Nothing stands in the way of carefree and naturally supported sexuality. This is also confirmed by the independent assessments of external institutions such as ÖKO-TEST. The very good skin compatibility was also confirmed in an application test by Dermatest GmbH.