ORION Wholesale: The vibro-cushion ’vibepad’ has been nominated for the ‘German Design Award  2022’

The vibro-cushion ‘vibepad’ is a bestseller and was designed at ORION – and it has now been nominated for the “German Design Award 2022”. It is a remote-controlled cushion that is perfectly adapted to the anatomy and it also looks a bit like a mouse pad as well. The motto is: sit on it, turn it on and enjoy! 

The ‘vibepad’ is a sexual wellness product that creates a completely new kind of external stimulation thanks to its extraordinary design. The specially designed waves in the centre of the pad are perfectly adapted to the female anatomy around the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus – they therefore make spot-on stimulation possible. Stimulation is controlled individually depending on how much the person moves their hips – the hands are also free to provide additional stimulation elsewhere. The intensity of the vibrations can be easily adjusted with the included remote control. The high-quality box with a large window, high gloss finish and magnetic fastener add the finishing touch to the aesthetic design.  

“We are incredibly proud to be nominated for the German Design Award 2022” said Mark Boderius, Head of Purchase and Product Development at ORION. “The first prototypes came from our own 3D printer and we then repeatedly optimised the shape with further 3D models based on the suggestions of our internal and external product testers. We wanted to design a sex toy that didn’t necessary look like a toy, that provided external stimulation (vaginal and anal stimulation) but which didn’t penetrate the body, and which also let the person using it have their hands free for other things.” After a long development process, the ‘vipepad’ was created. It quickly became a bestseller and it has now experienced another highlight – it has been nominated for the ‘German Design Award 2022’. 

The ‘German Design Award’ is one of the most recognised international Design Awards for product and communication design and it has been presented annually by the German Design Council since 2011. The ‘vibepad’ has been nominated for the ‘Excellent Product Design’ category. The winner will be announced in October 2021.