ORION Wholesale: Best-selling lingerie labels now certified for Russia

ORION Wholesale will further strengthen its presence on the Russian market in the future and now offers lingerie labels that are SGR certified and have all the necessary declarations for the Russian market. These are the following labels that ORION Wholesale offers: Cottelli Collection, Abierta Fina, Black Level, Bad Kitty, Fetish Collection, LateX, Noir Handmade, Svenjoyment, Zado, Mandy Mystery Lingerie and NO:XCSE.

The SGR certificate is required primarily for the customs clearance and confirms that the products meet the Eurasian Customs Union’s hygiene and quality standards.

ORION Wholesale’s contact person for sales in Eastern Europe is Key Account Manager Julia Kreismann. The native Russian and Diplom Kauffrau (qualified office clerk) is currently working from home a lot because of the Corona situation but she is looking forward to being able to see her customers in person again and acquiring new prospective customers.