New displays for the biofeedback sex toys from JOYMATIC

Free new displays that present the biofeedback sex toys from Joymatic are now available for ORION Wholesale customers. The displays have a revolving mirror on which the sex toy testers can be placed. There’s also enough space underneath it for the Joymatic products that are on sale. The biofeedback sex toys from Joymatic are controlled via pressure from the body, meaning  the stronger the user squeezes, the more intense the stimulation.

The two models are currently available in two colours. The “Touch Vibe” is a lay-on vibrator with an indented area for stimulating the clitoris. It can be used for full body massages or for stimulating specific pleasure spots like the clitoris or nipples. The “Rabbit Pearl Vibe” is a vibrator that has massage pearls and a clitoral stimulator. The massage pearls rotate in the shaft and the clitoral stimulator vibrates.

All JOYMATIC sex toys are made out of silicone with a polyurethane coating (soft touch). A discreet white storage bag and batteries are included in the delivery. The vibrators are delivered in a white box with a magnetic fastener. The box also has a discreet, promotional sleeve around it. There is a description of the product in various languages on the sleeve as well.