ORION Wholesale releases catalogue for 2017/2018

ORION Wholesale published their new catalogue. Its 226 colourful and glossy A4 pages include all novelties of the current year as well as new products that are also going to be presented on this year’s eroFame trade convention in Hanover. The catalogue is, as usual, in two languages – German and English.

“ORION Wholesale offers the best possible range of products with its complete erotic assortment and is constantly working on increasing and optimising its assortment at fair and stable prices. The focus is on quality, modern innovation and of course on customer satisfaction,” the company said in a press release.

The new Wholesale catalogue is also available as an e-paper catalogue that can be browsed through online at www.orion-wholesale.com. Furthermore, ORION Wholesale´s complete assortment can be found here as well.

The catalogue is also available as a promotional, neutral A5 version – “Erotic Highlights” in either German or English. Both the novelties and bestsellers are presented in this catalogue.

A4 Retailer Version 2017/2018,
in German and English, 226 pages:
item number 0900028 0000

“Erotic Highlights” in German with retail prices, 386 pages:
item number 0900010 0000

“Erotic Highlights” in English without prices, 386 pages:
item number 0900540 0000