OTOUCH applies new ‘PDS’ technology to its female toys

OTOUCH is proud to announce that its new innovative technology of ‘PDS’ was granted patent, and it will be applied widely to the OTOUCH female toy collections.

‘PDS’ is an intelligent tactile start-stop system, which can detect the user’s holding state of the device. Put the device down to suspend work, and pick it up again to resume work. If more than 10 minutes without the hand-held state, the device will automatically shut down.

“OTOUCH always believes that the new technology should make toys more smart and easy, not more complicated. When users are immersed in endless pleasure and orgasm, they should just enjoy and aftertaste them, not disturbed by any operation on the toys. Simply put the toys aside, and the toy will suspend to work, and shut down after 10 minutes.”. said Brian Yu, Sales Manager B2B at OTOUCH. For more info, please visit www.otouch.com or send an email to info@otouch.com.