PENISEX celebrates 45 years of success with high discounts

PENISEX – that is quality and experience for 45 years. PENISEX became known through all media as early as 1974. Men and women who were looking to increase their sexuality found PENISEX. Depending on the product, the trade is rewarded with 45 % and 25 % for their long-term loyalty.

Due to the constant progress in the development of sexual devices, the complete PENISEX product line of JOYDIVISION is constantly being optimized. We are convinced that the traditional and popular compositions have been adapted to the current needs of men and women, so that the proven recipes have been combined with new active formulas. The consumer can choose from capsules, ointments, creams and stimulation gels.

The PENISEX line offers capsules as a dietary supplement for HIM. In capsule form, the PENISEX men’s capsules can stimulate desire. Dealers receive a 25% discount on PENISEX men’s capsules (40 capsules).

The PENISEX ointment for HIM can sometimes work wonders for the stability of a sensitive treatment “on the spot”. The sexual anointing can promote the excitement individually by direct stimulus effect on the highest level and that makes with full 45 % discount particularly much fun.

The PENISEX XXL extreme Penis Massage Cream, on the other hand, is equipped with a noticeable XXL depth effect. Intensive massages with this cream can promote blood circulation and the result are extra strong men. 45 % discount is granted on this product. On the popular PENISEX Stimulation Cream for HIM 25% discount is granted.

The CLITORISEX stimulating gel with gliding effect and the CLITORISEX stimulating cream for application to the clitoris are specially tailored to the needs of the female sex. Depending on your personality, the stimulating gel can give you a tingling, light to totally crazy feeling of pleasure. The gel is suitable for condoms, pH-optimized, water-soluble and grease-free. For both products there is 45 % discount for 45 successful years.

PENISEX is better than ever before and will continue to make it its business to provide a firework of emotions with the highest quality products “Made in Germany”.

For all dealers it means: Fast access while stocks last.
Simply send your order to The offer PENISEX and CLITORISEX applies to incoming orders from 01 January 2020 to 31 January 2020.