PENISEX celebrates 45 years of success

PENISEX – that is quality and experience for 45 years. PENISEX became known through all media as early as 1974. Men and women who were looking to increase their sexuality found PENISEX. The PENISEX line offers capsules as a dietary supplement for him. In capsule form, the PENISEX men’s capsules can stimulate desire.
The PENISEX ointment for HIM can sometimes cause miracles for stability when treated sensitively “on the spot”. The sexual anointing can promote the excitement individually on the highest possible level by direct stimulus effect.
The PENISEX XXL Penis Massage Cream, on the other hand, is equipped with a noticeable XXL depth effect. Intensive massages with this cream can promote blood circulation and the result are extra strong men.
The CLITORISEX stimulation gel with gliding effect for application to the clitoris is specially tailored to the needs of the female sex. Depending on your personality, you can experience a tingling, light to totally crazy feeling of pleasure. The gel is suitable for condoms, pH-optimized, water-soluble and fat-free.

PENISEX is better than ever before and will continue to make it its business in the future to provide a firework of emotions with the highest quality products ‘Made in Germany’.