Permanent Penis Growth Category sees … growth!

MaleEdge and Jes-Extender are helping adult websites and stores guide clients and achieve upsell across male-categories. How are penis focused adult product sold best? What makes a happy client? “We saw many adult retailers often not begin clear on what they were selling and sometimes directly misleading clients as to what works for what for the penis,” Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner, says, “putting it mildly the confusion was and is widespread. Adult penis products are very often sold in a big bundle under irrelevant categories at best or even misleading categories at worst. As a sample from our own category of ‘Permanent Penis Growth’ the issue of ‘what does this do for me’  was never actually addressed very well. We were and are being bundled with sleeves, pills, pumps etc. on the same product promise! And each category is losing out on not being sold clearly for what it actually does”. So MaleEdge and Jes-Extender decided to try to help sellers and consumers ‘get it right’ in the sense of what-is-this-penis-category-for? First they identified a range of typical penis categories, then identified the ‘do/do-not´s’ of each and then setup a general ‘category info board’ showing what the individual category actually offers. This category-board has been used for some time now in the trade, and have helped sellers clear up their own and their client´s misunderstandings.
They then followed up on this by introducing their ‘Instore’ and ‘Online’ sales tutorials for the MaleEdge and Jes-Extender brands, with specific details on how to best differentiate and upsell their category, as well as other penis categories. These they launched at the last eroFame show in Hannover 2018 with good response from the trade. And since then retailers and resellers have seen their tutorials having effect across websites and in stores with very good sales results. Clients report that sales have gone up for both single-category products and well as resulting in new cross-category upsale. A sample of how this works is mixing the issues of ‘immediate’ (fx. pills/creams/cockrings), ‘intermediate’ (fx. pumps) and ‘permanent’ (penis extenders for permanent growth). Sales staff label this as ‘pills, pumps and extenders go well together for each their own reason’, it´s easily explained for the consumer and makes way for selling across more than one category. In short retailers are seeing more sales and happier clients due to this, also since the seller delivers on their promise and do not oversell/overpromise.
The tutorials are available at MaleEdge and Jes-Extender, or via wholesalers.