Pipedream announces new CEO

Pipedream Products has announced Matthew Matsudaira as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Matsudaira comes to the industry after successful leadership roles at Nordstrom, Amazon and Chewy Inc. where he spearheaded one of the largest acquisition deals ever.

“I’m looking forward to strengthening Pipedream’s relationships with our distributor and retailer partners,” says Pipedream CEO Matthew Matsudaira. “The entire team is ready for new leadership and I’m confident the next era will be better than ever.”

Earlier that day, the previous CEO Nick Orlandino announced his retirement according to XBIZ. “I just feel like it is time,” Orlandino told XBIZ. “It’s time for me to relax, enjoy the fruits of my labor and spend time with my family.”

The international manufacturer says it has a strategy in place to keep Pipedream on its continued path to success and is always looking for ways to improve the company, processes, relationships and the customer experience.