A giant cock

Pipedream Chairman & CEO Nick Orlandino featured in Huffington Post

Pipedream and it’s King Cock are profiled in online newspaper Huffington Post. The manufacturer’s Chairman and CEO Nick Olrandino is featured in a piece that discusses his mega-cock idea and how the real life 12-foot erection came to fruition at ANME last month in Burbank.

”Two years ago, we made a wall of cocks featuring our product,” Orlandino told HuffPost. “It was the hit of the show, so I was trying to figure out how to out do myself.” As promotional products go, this one’s pretty ballsy. It’s a 12-foot, 4-inch-tall replica of a male sex organ that its makers believe is the world’s largest dildo ever made. The supersized sex toy is the brainchild of Nick Orlandino, the Chairman and CEO of Pipedream Products, a sex products company based in Chatsworth, California.

The full article can be read at Huffington Post.