Nick Orlandino as US President

Pipedream launches petition to mold presidential canidate Cruz

In response to revelations that republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz argued during his tenure as Texas Solicitor General that dildos and sex toys should be illegal, Nick Orlandino, CEO of Pipedream Products, has initiated a White House Petition to compel Cruz to have his manhood molded at the Chatsworth facility.

“It blows me away that in 2016, a candidate for President of the United States could argue that one of the last remaining USA manufacturing strongholds, sex toys, should be criminalized!,” said Orlandino. “Set aside freedom of speech for a second — does this guy not understand that our industry is good for at least $15 billion a year? Or how many jobs our industry provides in a state like California alone? We started a White House petition to challenge Cruz to get his manhood molded — and will enlist our industry partners to help reach the 100K signatures.”

Orlandino got his start in the adult and gift industry unloading trucks in New York 30 years ago. In 1992, he relocated to Los Angeles and joined Pipedream Products as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 1994, he became a partner in the corporation and currently runs all day-to-day operations at Pipedream. Throughout the years, Orlandino has received numerous industry awards and achievements from his colleagues.

“Freedom of speech and the right to free expression is what this industry was built on — what America was built on,” Orlandino continued. “I’ve seen these demagogues come and go over the decades, scapegoating my industry for the ills of society. It drives me crazy, because our industry puts food on the table for thousands of families — Lyin’ Ted’s campaign doesn’t. Look, if a guy like this gets into the White House, his warped ideology threatens the livelihood of everyone in the business. It’s extremely important that we stand together as an industry to make sure that doesn’t happen.”