Pipedream promotes Brian Sofer to Director of Marketing

The “new” Pipedream has emphasized the importance of investing in people and promoting from within, so now they announce the recent promotion of Brian Sofer to Director of Marketing.

“Brian’s dynamic marketing experience and expertise working with distributors and retailers is well suited to guide the Pipedream marketing team,” said Matthew Matsudaira, CEO of Pipedream. “His expertise in marketing strategy and retail marketing will complement Pipedream’s growth initiatives. We have already seen his impact to the business as well as his team.”

Brian came to Pipedream four years ago with over 20 years of marketing experience. His career began as an online consultant in 1995 before flourishing across a wide range of clients in the adult, music, extreme sports, and smoke industries. His diverse background has proven extremely valuable as he’s navigated clients large and small, mainstream and counterculture, honing his ability to effectively communicate to a wide range of demographics and continuously implement integrated marketing strategies with profitable results, the company says. His new role as Pipedream’s Director of Marketing proves a culmination of all of his experience as he works to focus Pipedream’s marketing team’s efforts and resources on the direct needs of their retail and distributor partners. He strives to assure Pipedream’s customers that their success is his #1 priority as well as Pipedream’s ability to retain and generate happy, repeat consumers.

“I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. Pipedream is absolutely thinking and acting differently, and our future is very exciting,” said Sofer. “We’ve got a whole new focus for the company and it starts with putting our partners first. We will continue to innovate both with our product and our marketing tactics to ensure our customers thrive.”