pjur and PICANTO give you more brand power

Today, pjur group and PICANTO announce a partnership to grow the pjur brand in Russia. Effective from today, PICANTO will act as a Brand Ambassador and will be responsible for the brands pjur love, pjur med and pjur SPA for the territory of the Russian Federation.

Customers will benefit from the Brand Ambassador through more SUPPORT, including on-site trainings, guidance on premium shelf layout and regular replenishment. The pjur Brand Ambassador will bring more BRAND POWER to the Russian market through premium in-store branding and appealing imagery thus enhancing the pjur brand position and brand awareness.

With PICANTO we have found an experienced partner that meets our standards and shares our vision to promote premium intimate products. It will bring the pjur brand closer to the customers through more training, more store visits and more marketing activities. In short, more power for our customers in Russia,” explains Alexander Giebel, CEO & Founder of pjur.

The pjur Brand Ambassador is an extra service to customers, buying pjur products from Erotic Fantasy. It includes more education, on-site trainings and excellent sales support throughout the year. pjur group’s headquarters in Europe will continue to provide information on the brand that will now be enhanced by in-market know-how and new training and marketing initiatives offered by PICANTO.

Andreas Lenz, Brand Ambassador is passionate about the promising partnership: I am excited to push pjur’s brands in Russia, transferring the strengths of the brand to the stores. With its portfolio of premium products and a true passion for quality, pjur is a great choice for Russian consumers.

The experienced PICANTO team will be the first point-of-contact for customers and will also work closely with pjur. pjur customers can immediately get in contact with PICANTO to arrange a product training with the pjur Brand Ambassador. Sales operations will remain unchanged with longstanding distribution partner Erotic Fantasy.