pjur and Prowler start summer campaign

Things are hotting up in Soho, London’s lively district famous for shopping, entertainment and its abundant nightlife. To mark the start of summer, pjur and Prowler have teamed up on an advertising campaign that puts eye-catching posters promoting pjur BACK DOOR in the windows of Prowler shops.

Sexy window posters to promote the pjur BACK DOOR range
The striking window displays, promoting the pjur BACK DOOR range, have been on show since the middle of May in the Prowler shop in London’s well-known Soho district. Prowler claims that their Soho store stocks the “best lube selection in SOHO”. Attractive male models are used to advertise the pjur BACK Door range. Following its launch in SOHO, the campaign will move on to the Prowler store in Brighton in the south of England in July. After this, it will return to the store in Soho again for an entire month.

Focus on the pjur BACK DOOR range
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