pjur BACK DOOR Range with a fresh look

The pjur BACK DOOR range has been on the market now for about 13 years, and now that they have changed the line to medical IIa, pjur will now update the front products and give the lubricant a fresher look.

Improved differentiation: Relaxing – Moisturising – Regenerating
The most important change concerns the names of the products, which are geared to the consumer and have been slightly altered. With “relaxing jojoba“, “moisturising hyaluron“ and “regenerating panthenol“, the advantages are featured on the front of the products and help when choosing the right product. The changed font colour on the front also lets you know at a glance, whether it is a silicone or water-based product.

Improved recognisability despite changes:
However the iconic image on the front remains the same, as does the name “BACK DOOR“, which generates high sales figures. These small changes make the product line look more modern and clearer, while the brand will still be highly recognisable on the shelves for the loyal customers.

About the pjur BACK DOOR range:
The pjur BACK DOOR products stand for intensive anal sex and provide experienced and anal lovers a selection of high-quality products for safe anal sex. Last autumn pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating was added to the successful pjur lubricant range.