pjur DESINFECT PoS kit available with first orders

In May 2020 pjur launches a highly effective disinfectant for skin and hands. Due to high demand, a second batch is already to be produced. To promote the importance of hand disinfection in store, pjur specifically developed a PoS kit. It can support customers to comply with hygiene standards.

The pjur DESINFECT PoS kit consists of four parts. It contains a notice “Please disinfect here”, a notice showing the individual steps for ideal hand disinfection, a prism display that can be placed on a table next to a disinfection pump dispenser, and a sticker that summarizes the most important hygiene measures: Keep your distance, wear a face mask and disinfect your hands.

„We want to support customers, that are allowed to (re-)open their stores under certain conditions. With all the materials supplied, they have one thing less to worry about”, explains Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur, why pjur decided to create a PoS kit for just pjur DESINFECT. “A PoS kit will automatically be added to every order of pjur DESINFECT free of charge.”

Whether you‘re in the office, at home or on the road, pjur DESINFECT lets you quickly and hygienically clean your hands when you don‘t have access to soap and water. It offers quick, safe and hygienic cleaning to pjur‘s proven premium quality standards. The product is manufactured in Germany, skin friendly, pH-neutral, vegan and does not dry out the skin. Registered in line with Germany’s Biocide Notification Ordinance.

“We have received so many orders for pjur DESINFECT, that we have already ordered a sec-ond batch”, says Alexander Giebel. „pjur DESINFECT does not contain alcohol for a very good reason. When used frequently, alcohol-based products can dry out hands, causing the skin to become chapped and brittle and making it more susceptible to bacteria and viruses“.