pjur gives you more pride: pjur & Girl and Boyshop show their colours in June

Bern is awash with colour: And that’s not just down to the city’s pride parade in mid-June with its motto “Strong in Diversity”. pjur has also started a small campaign with Girl and Boyshop that aims to make the world a little more colourful and more diverse. The eye-catching postcards from pjur are decorated in the colours of the rainbow. They are given away with every purchase made in the Girl and Boyshop in Bern’s historic old town and also added as a little surprise to every order placed via the online shop. Featuring a sample of the best seller pjur ORIGINAL, the cards encourage new customers to try the product. They are also easy to carry around for spontaneous use. The card’s overall message of “more smoothness” applies to pjur ORIGINAL but also has a figurative meaning in terms of how we get on with each other and celebrating diversity. pjur ORIGINAL is one of the most popular silicone-based personal lubricants in the world. It delivers exceptionally long-lasting lubrication, is extremely efficient and leaves the skin feeling great and not sticky. pjur ORIGINAL is as diverse as the people for whom our personal lubricants are made: The silicone-based personal lubricant is an all-round companion for erotic massages, vaginal and anal in- tercourse and masturbation. And because silicone is not absorbed by the skin, it’s also ideal for stimu- lating sex in the shower. pjur ORIGINAL is tailored to the sensitive mucous membranes in the intimate area. It is free from aroma and flavour-enhancing agents and does not contain any preservatives. It is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility, free from oil and fat and can be used with latex condoms.