Summer temperatures for pjur training courses in Spain

At the end of May, Stefan Daniel, Senior Key Account Manager at pjur, spent a week holding training courses and workshops at three key accounts in Spain. After focusing on the three exclusive partners in June 2018, pjur is investing in a mix of branding, portfolio, POS and training sessions to strengthen the pjur brand on the Iberian Peninsula. Training is playing an increasingly important role here, especially for internal and field sales teams as well as employees in specialist stores.

“We want to be the first port of call for all questions related to premium personal lubricant, which is why we offer targeted training measures for all of our partners’ sales channels,” says Stefan Daniel, outlining the pjur strategy.
The four-person sales team at Saint Sual in Madrid was brought up to speed with the latest information during an intense product training course. As expected, there was a lot of interest in the new POS materials and the floor/counter displays designed to further build brand awareness in the specialist stores. Saint Sual also added pjur TOY Clean and pjur TOY LUBE to its portfolio, reflecting the trend of increased demand for premium personal lubricants fuelled by the rising popularity of sex toys (cross selling). At the end of the course, Joan Codina, CEO of Saint Sual, emphasized that the company’s collaboration with pjur had always been very positive.

The second stop on the training tour took Stefan Daniel to pjur’s partner “Life is Short” in Valencia. The training session for the three-strong sales team included a refresh of the basics plus a discussion of new products and market trends. In addition to training, the program included a tour of the company’s warehouse. The storage facility is open around the clock, every day of the week and includes over 7,500 items.

The last stop on the tour saw Stefan Daniel spend two days visiting “Dildos Assorted” in Barcelona. This event included a classic product presentation for the internal and field sales teams, providing the perfect opportunity to go over the basics of the pjur portfolio once again and also examine the compa- ny’s corporate philosophy. Focus areas included a detailed explanation of all product ranges (including pjuractive) and the pjur “gives you more” campaign as well as interesting information about hyper- sensitive skin, hybrid properties and different bottle types.

The second day started with an intense expert training session for almost all sales employees in the eight Condomi stores operated by Dildos Assorted. This session built on the teams’ existing basic knowledge of the premium pjur® brand. Stefan Daniel was on hand to answer more in-depth questions asked by participants.

At the end of the tour, Stefan Daniel had the chance to go to different shopping malls in Barcelona and visit the stores in the Condomi chain, which is owned by Dildos Assorted. He was delighted to see that almost the entire pjur® portfolio was presented at eye level.