pjur goes podcast – German erotic podcast gains pjur as its new partner

pjur has begun collaborating with the German podcast ‘Geliebte auf Zeit’ [Temporary Lovers]. Hosts Lenia and Luisa share their experiences as es-corts in this open and entertaining podcast. They use their humor, openness, and curiosity to interview people from the sex industry, discuss sex stories, give sex hacks, and talk bluntly about all things sex.

pjur’s partnership with the popular podcast underlines its commitment to making innovative and high-quality products available to a wider audience. The manufacturer of premium personal lubricants places high value on its position at the forefront of today’s media and trends, while also being present in authentic contexts. ‘Geliebte auf Zeit’ offers a unique platform to promote honest and insightful conversations about sex work and sexual experiences, enabling pjur to communicate its brand message of trust and quality in a suitable, broad-minded environment.

In recent years, podcasts have gained in popularity and enhance today’s media landscape with their diversity. They are a modern medium that is available everywhere quickly and easily. The listeners trust the hosts and see podcasts as a safe space where critical or personal topics are frequently discussed. pjur is proud to be part of this ambitious podcast culture to improve our quality of life and sex

‘Geliebte auf Zeit’ is currently broadcast regularly.