pjur group acquires its US distributor

The pjur group will be directly managing its activities in North America with immediate effect. Client services and workflows in the territory will remain unchanged. The only personnel change will be the well-earned buy-out of the previous owners of the US distribution, Richie Harris and Jack Palmquist.

Richie Harris stated: “We were very proud to have been part of the global pjur team for so many years. pjur is a premium brand and a great success around the world. We are happy to see the pjur group take over and expand its US presence. This will have a great impact on the market and you can be sure that we will give pjur our loyal support whenever needed. The buy-out will give us more time to focus on our Lucom and Rock Solid activities.”

This move will provide pjur customers in the US with even more direct support from the brand: “pjur is seen as a premium brand the world over and we are committed to further expanding our reach through a uniform brand concept and global campaigns that closely align with our corporate identity. Our commitment has enabled us to significantly raise brand awareness in recent years. Now, we want to share our global brand vision and increase awareness in the US, just as we have done in the rest of the world,” explains Alexander Giebel, CEO & Founder of the pjur group.

US dealers will continue to receive direct support on site from pjur through their contact partners John Marinello (sales), Joe Powell (marketing) and Grace Sanchez (operations). pjur will also launch a number of major campaigns from its head office to promote the brand in the US. One of the first projects will involve the launch of the “pjur – gives you more” campaign. This will include advertising campaigns with B2C magazines such as Playboy, GQ, Cosmopolitan and Glamour as well as B2B advertising, PR activities, social media campaigns and events, PoS material and product training sessions, all of which are aimed at raising brand awareness further. “We look forward to working directly with our customers in the US and increasing our activities in the country while at the same time expanding our US offices. We would like to say a big thank you to Richie and Jack for the many years of outstanding collaboration and partnership,” stated Alexander Giebel.

pjur in the US will now more directly benefit from the support of over 30 pjur group employees in the sales, marketing, quality management, PR, customer service, procurement and accounting departments.

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