pjur launches consumer survey “pjur&you”

pjur is launching its unique consumer survey “pjur&you” at the start of March. The survey puts the spotlight firmly on the relationship between consumers and pjur. The word “relationship” is meant both figuratively and literally here. After all, pjur has been by the side of some of its customers for up to 25 years now.  

In the past, personal lubricant was used to “solve problems” and people were embarrassed to buy it. Today, however, personal lubricant is primarily associated with pleasure and covers a wide range of needs. These include vaginal, anal and oral use, for massages, with toys or for masturbation. It can be water or silicone based, vegan, stimulating or suitable for highly sensitive skin – to name just a few examples. 

This all means that these products have become part of everyday life. Customers have also changed over the years, which is why pjur wants to take a closer look at the issues that are important to custom-ers. The “pjur&you” survey is pjur’s first large-scale questionnaire designed to gauge and compare customer satisfaction levels with pjur and the reasons why people buy pjur across different countries. 

“pjur&you” is the start of a dialog that will give pjur more insight into what its customers want, laying the foundation for the group’s innovations over the coming years. Customers therefore have the chance to influence (product) developments over the coming years. 

In addition to this, all participants in the survey have the chance to enter an anniversary draw and win great prizes with a total value of EUR 1,800. And so, there are two great reasons to take part in the survey. The results will be published in October 2020. 

You can find out more about pjur at  http://www.pjurlove.com/pjurandyou