pjur presents its brand refresh and new brand communication

As a leading supplier of premium intimate products, pjur can look back at a 27-year history of success. With the aim of achieving an even stronger position within the market in the future, pjur has spent the last two years reinforcing the brand’s core and its values, and adapting the brand’s visual look and brand communication to ensure it is fit for the future. The results went live on the pjur channels in September and will shape the entire future of the brand.

Time for a more modern look and new style of communication

More meaning, clearer values, higher brand recognition and greater differentiation from the competition – pjur is giving itself a whole new focus with its brand refresh and new brand communication. Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of the pjur group explains why it was time to take this step: “We’ve seen huge developments at pjur, but the market is changing, so it was time for us to redefine ourselves again and visually adapt the brand and its communication style to the needs of the future. This will strengthen our position and ensure we stand out from the competition.”

This means a new logo & a new claim for the brand pjur:

New logo: The new pjur logo still includes the familiar yellow dot, but has been visually adapted, giving it a more modern and succinct feel. Its high level of brand recognition and charisma will also be symbolic of the pjur brand going forwards

New claim: “Feel the Real.” is not just a new claim; it also stands for the new values that the brand will embody in the future. pjur stands for self-determination and self-realization, and is the trusted partner of people looking for more freedom and intimacy or help with intimacy problems. pjur promotes diversity and trust, and respects the sexuality of each individual. Respectful, motivating & inspiring.

pjur’s new vision & mission for the future 

pjur’s vision is to improve the love life and quality of life of people the world over. pjur helps people rediscover their passion and joy, enable them to enjoy carefree sex and increase their sexual wellbeing. pjur is an inspiring force that encourages people to get to know themselves and embrace their sex life free from taboos. Because a fulfilled sex life increases self-confidence and is the basis for good quality of life.

The high standards of quality and pjur’s mission have not changed. pjur does not compromise when it comes to the quality and safety of its products. pjur works daily to improve quality and put the satisfaction of its customers first. pjur products are exclusively Made in Germany using high-quality ingredients that are highly effective and provide its customers with the safety they need to have a fulfilling sex life.

September at pjur is all about the brand refresh. Check out the brand’s new look here: www.pjur.com