pjur trains the team at ORION

At the end of February, Stefan Daniel, Senior Key Account Manager at pjur, held a pjur product presentation for a total of 18 members of the ORION sales team in Flensburg. As a premium provider of high-quality personal lubricants, pjur is investing in advising and training its business partners. In a relaxed atmosphere, participants refreshed their knowledge of the basics and also discussed innovations and trends in the market.

“ORION has been a partner to pjur for many years now. Our collaboration stretches back over twenty years and is built on a strong foundation of professionalism and also friendship. I really value ORION’s openness, honesty and reliability – not just towards us as the manufacturer but also to its customers”, elaborates Stefan Daniel.

In addition to celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, pjur also has a number of other exciting projects on the go, including the implementation of its pjur Brand Space concept, transitioning personal lubricants to certified medical class IIa products and individual specials. These planned activities resonated positively with participants. During a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, Stefan Daniel was able to answer all remaining questions from the ORION team.

“It was a professional product training session. Although it lasted around 90 minutes, it was also very entertaining and no questions were left unanswered”, enthuses ORION Product Manager Timo Petersen. “Thank you Stefan, thank you pjur!”