pjur’s Love is Love campaign puts the spotlight on butts

pjur is celebrating the fact that ‘everybody has a butt’ and that everyone can experience sensual pleasure in their behind regardless of gen- der, age, sexual orientation or identity. The idea that everyone deserves love has been repeatedly addressed in the ‘Love is Love’ campaign, which has been running since June.

From August onwards, pjur is focusing on the delights of the back door and the fact that it can be a hugely pleasurable experience regardless of your gender or identity. Unfortunately, though, some prejudices refuse to go away. The idea that you could be gay if you enjoy having your anus stimulated is a big issue for men, for example. pjur only has one thing to say about that: If you enjoy anal sex, that only means one thing: That you enjoy anal sex. Nothing more and nothing less. As a quick reminder: Anal sex encompasses the entire scope of stimulation games using all parts of the body and toys that you enjoy. An anal plug or individual fingers can help relax your anal muscles and are a fun way to explore what you like. They can also prepare your anus for anal sex. But penetration is just one of many types of play here. It’s a question of finding out what you like!

The body does not produce any natural lubricant in the anus, so a good personal lubricant is crucial for preventing pain or injury. Silicone-based personal lubricants are the best choice for extra-long- lasting lubrication while water-based products are the preferred option for anal toys. Serums and sprays can also be used alongside lube to reduce sensitivity and help you relax more. As a general rule, you should always be aware of your needs. If things are going too quickly for you or becoming unpleasant, then it’s time to take it down a gear.

At the heart of the campaign is the pjur ORIGINAL Rainbow Edition, a special edition of the pre- mium personal lubricant pjur ORIGINAL, which is only available for a limited time. The cult product from pjur features a colourful, eye-catching rainbow on the label that is impossible to overlook. Just like pjur ORIGINAL, the product is a premium silicone-based personal lubricant. The formula provides extra-long-lasting lubrication and leaves the skin feeling great, not sticky. It is also very effective – a little goes a long way. The silicone-based personal lubricant is a great allrounder for erotic massages, vaginal and anal intercourse and masturbation. Personal lubricant helps increase moisture levels in your intimate area. Everyone should feel confident to use the personal lubricant that matches their individual love life.

Following on from #normalizelube, the #loveislove campaign is pjur’s second initiative designed to help people feel more confident about their sexuality. The campaign will run over the summer months and aims to empower people to celebrate life and love in all its diversity regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, preferences, appearance and abilities. With its message “Everybody has a butt”, pjur wants to educate people and help increase variety, acceptance, tolerance and diversity in the world of love.

For further information on the campaign, visit www.pjur.com/loveislove