Playharda Wholesale Virtual Trade Show

Playharda Wholesale are pleased to announce their first ever virtual trade show. Running between March 29th and April 19th 2021, their online trade event will showcase some of the hottest and most sought-after brands on offer in the UK via a personal video call. They’ll be offering retailers the chance to become more familiar with products and gain a better idea of brands and the philosophies behind them. 

Playharda Wholesale is known for being a company which helps retailers explore something new and bring their customers exciting and sometimes unusual products to help them stand out from the crowd. They specialise in supplying adult boutique stores, but they also cater for online retailers too and many of their brands would fit well across the board. They like to present products that make their retailers go ‘Ooo’ and ‘Wow’. Pushing boundaries is what they do best, so expect to see products you won’t have seen anywhere else!

“During lockdown we have expanded an incredible amount and we’ve actually tripled the number of brands we now carry, many of which are exclusive to the UK!” Danny Miller, Playharda Wholesale Director explains. “We’re excited to be offering a range of discounts and special offers, exclusively for attendees, as well as some changes to our wholesale service that will help physical retailers to get back on their feet after lockdown.” 

“I know bricks and mortar retailers have found the last year to be incredibly tough with lockdown restrictions” says Company Director Daniel Miller. “This is why we are excited to be offering a helping hand to retailers to give them a boost and help them bounce back so their business can thrive again”. 

“We’re introducing a ground-breaking new way of no-risk buying for bricks and mortar retail stores, along with fantastic order discounts and increased payment terms for existing customers.”

“A number of trade shows have been cancelled over the past year and it’s such a shame that so many of our incredible new brands and products haven’t had the spotlight that they deserve. We needed a way of bringing them into focus, so let’s set the stage and watch them sparkle!”

Retailers can sign up for a Playharda Wholesale account on, where they can get involved with their virtual trade show. Or please feel free to email them at or drop them a call on +44(0)1978 437 670 to book your personalised video call. Appointments are strictly limited and will fill up fast, so please book yours as soon as possible.