Pump up your profits with TOYJOY Manpower

Great news for fans of TOYJOY Manpower: the collection’s best-selling Power Pump now has full stock availability at SCALA. This sleek penis pump will keep consumers rock-hard and train their stamina, whilst letting retailers take advantage of fantastic sales margins on this TOYJOY favorite.

The classic Power Pump has been a continuous best-seller since its introduction in the TOYJOY Manpower collection. Though basic in design, the pump offers maximum functionality and pleasure; and is a rock-solid favorite, even without fancy features. This pump is a must-have essential for all men who want to pump up the pleasure and comes with very attractive pricing to make it affordable to all. Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and with a handy measuring gauge to see progress: this product makes pumping simple and enjoyable. 

SCALA has stocked up big on the Power Pump by TOYJOY Manpower, ensuring that all 4 colors – black, red, purple, and blue – of the design are fully in stock. All packaged in modern, slat-wall compatible boxes.