R.C.C. Wholesale offers 365 day money-back guarantee

R.C.C. Wholesale Ltd., providers of supplements and private label products, announced today their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, by extending their 365 day money-back guarantee to their entire suite of products. This comprehensive guarantee ensures a quibble free return within one year of purchase.

It is a universally acknowledged truth that the business world is fraught with risk. Researchers at global professional services firm Alvarez & Marsal, have revealed that during the past five years, companies have had to spend on average 10.8% more on things such as business rates, increasing wages and rents. At the same time, retailers are trying to adapt to rapidly changing shopping habits. Consumers now spend one in every five pounds online and, if businesses are seeing 20% fewer sales on the shop floor as well as rising fixed costs, then profits will be squeezed. Fortunately, the age-old practice of the money-back guarantee remains a risk-free venture.

Offering customers insurance against the perceived risk of their purchase is a cornerstone of R.C.C. Wholesale’s sales strategy.

“We hear constantly from retailers that, often the deciding factor when making a sale is whether or not the product or service comes with a money-back guarantee,” says Judith Smith, Sales Ambassador for R.C.C. Wholesale. “Fortunately, this isn’t something our clients have to worry about, as our money-back guarantee applies to our full range of products. R.C.C. Wholesale’s 365 day money-back guarantee gives our clients the security of knowing that if their purchase does not meet expectations, a full refund can be had within one year of the date of purchase. This generous timeframe makes availing of the guarantee virtually hassle-free.”

“We have seen time and time again that retailers think of the money-back guarantee as a safety net, making it a very attractive proposition in an increasingly turbulent marketplace.”

“Our 365 day money-back guarantee demonstrates our confidence in our services and trust in our brand. It allows us to build lasting professional partnerships in ways that minimise risk to retailers and wholesalers alike.”

“Our clients want their purchases to be perfect,” says Judith. “In an increasingly online setting where customers don’t get the chance to try the product before purchasing, R.C.C. Wholesale’s money-back guarantee proves our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.”

Key details: 

  • A full refund can be had within one year of the date of purchase.
  • Zero hassle, zero risks.
  • Applies to all products provided by R.C.C. Wholesale.
  • Exceeds the statutory rights of our clients. 
  • A guaranteed trust builder. 
  • Provides an excellent gauge for the quality of our services.
  • Differentiates R.C.C. Wholesale from competitors.