RCC Wholesale creates formula for success

It’s nothing less than you would expect from one of the world’s most innovative and reliable wholesalers of sexual health supplements: a formula for success that includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 


Created by a group of UK-qualified pharmacists, RCC Wholesale has the credentials and experience to create products that really work. The team trained at UK universities and worked in the field before turning their brilliant minds to creating the formula for a successful company: sexual health products based on sound science that customers really love. 


The team at RCC Wholesale developed their sexual health supplements the same way new products are created by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, basing them on scientific research and subjecting them to rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process. This includes raw ingredient testing and typically testing every third batch during manufacture. The result? Proven products that ‘do what it says on the tin’, products known for their quality and reliability, and products that truly work. 

Money back guarantee

When you understand the company’s way of working, it’s easy to understand their 100% Money Back Guarantee. They’re committed to creating first-rate products that are safe, that work, and that generate repeat business for them and their retailers. The Money Back Guarantee is a clear sign that the company believes in every single product. If it’s not up to scratch, then it goes against everything they stand for and, put simply, you deserve your money back. 

Success through quality 

RCC Wholesale is constantly scouring the market in pursuit of raw ingredients that meet their exacting standards in quality, purity and sustainability. They have relationships with suppliers all over the world and use an accredited and award-winning UK factory for manufacture. That means customers are guaranteed a product that performs every single time. 

In the unlikely event…

If you or your customers aren’t happy with your purchase, RCC Wholesale will refund every penny spent. This Guarantee applies to every one of their products, including bestsellers, products for male and female partners, and any format – whether that’s in supplement form, sprays, under-the-tongue pills or capsules. 

The RCC Wholesale Money Back Guarantee is a key part of their formula for success. Find out more at RCC-Wholesale.com and while you’re there, discover some of the best products and service in the industry.