Record sales figures for EDC Wholesale’s Advent Calendar 2020

The 2020 limited edition Naughty & Nice Advent Calendar from EDC Wholesale is almost sold out with a record amount since the first launch of the sexiest countdown to Christmas.

EDC Wholesale launched its first Advent Calendar three years ago, in a limited edition, bringing a new design each year with 24 unique items. The 2020 edition comes yet again with a new theme which is all about blue and copper. The company increased the production of the calendars to offer double the amount from last year but is now almost completely sold out, even before its official launch. 

“Customers have pre-ordered the calendar way in advance,” said Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “This gave us a good estimate of the demand for this year, but we could not foresee that we would be as good as sold out in July. We are encouraging customers to pre-order now, even if they only take small amounts, to be sure of supply by the time we release the calendar.”

This year the calendar is filled to the brim with sexy yet unique items that match the theme. The content is specially designed in the colors blue and copper, creating a luxurious collection to fill the nightstand. Designer Hester chose the color theme herself, ‘a super fun challenge’ she says. “The trick was to choose a theme that is unisex but also leaves room for new options in the future. This year the choice fell on a beautiful dark blue shade in combination with copper-colored gloss details. With this color theme, I went to look at the options for the design of the packaging. I wanted something new and different, but I wanted to keep it recognizable. After all, the goal is to create a recurring, recognizable style, but also to ensure that everyone wants the new version every year. A tough task to create something every year that is at least as beautiful as the previous version.”

Hester chose a geometric theme and translated it to the inside of the box. ”It was challenging to create a design that would create a WOW effect. It must have just enough variety, connection, peace, and attraction. My personal goal is to raise the question: ‘What will it look like this year?’ I never want to be predictable, I just want to guarantee it will be fun! For me, the most important thing was that when you walk into a store and see the calendar it has a ‘WOW’ effect.”

The Naughty & Nice Advent Calendar is a limited edition countdown till Christmas, with a perfect mix of sexy items for him and her. The preparations for the 2021 edition is already in full progress. Customers who have missed the 2020 edition are welcome to pre-order next year’s edition. The company will not reveal anything about the 2021 design yet but stated that it will get a new color theme and a new look for sure.