Report predicts Portugal will win EURO 2024 based on surprising factor

Millions of football fans in Europe are eagerly anticipating the outcome of EURO 2024. While betting odds and expert opinions are the traditional ways to predict the winner, a new unconventional way has come to light recently: penis size

You might wonder why could penis size be considered an indicator for predicting the winner of a football tournament? Besides being a cheeky conversation starter, there is a playful theory at play: larger-than-average penis sizes are usually linked to greater confidence and dominance. This confidence could translate to better performance on the field, or at least give fans a fun and unexpected way to debate their favorite teams’ chances.

Jes-Extender, a brand known for penis enlargement devices, conducted a study comparing the average penis sizes of men from the participating countries in EURO 2024. The results suggest that Portugal will emerge victorious, with an average size of 15.14 cm, narrowly edging out France at 15.12 cm.

According to the report, other top teams won’t fare as well. England, with an average size of 13.7 cm, is predicted to be eliminated in the group stage, while Italy (13.92 cm) and Germany (14.5 cm) are expected to fall short in the knockout rounds.

Jes Bech Müller, founder of Jes-Extender commented on the report: “Penis size has long been a topic of cultural discussion, frequently linked to ideas of virility and masculinity. These characteristics can be metaphorically translated into confidence and dominance on the football field. The self-assurance associated with perceptions of masculinity could theoretically influence a player’s psychological state and potentially enhance their performance.”

Whether or not size matters in football, this study adds an intriguing angle to the usual pre-tournament speculations.