RIPNDIP announces new line of CUPs in partnership with Japanese pleasure brand TENGA

Skate-influenced lifestyle brand RIPNDIP is working with TENGA, Japan’s leading sexual wellness brand to once again bring a limited edition line of items from two of the world’s most innovative brands in fashion and pleasure. The pioneering brands have now created two more RIPNDIP TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUPs, both featuring RIPNDIP’s mascot Lord Nermal in two different awe-striking poses. Both editions will be available to buy at or

The industry record-breaking TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP is a hugely popular item, and combines advanced technology and advanced interior details to bring enhanced pleasure to its users. RIPNDIP founder Ryan O’Connor says, “We both make products that people enjoy using. I feel like a lot of people get joy out of using TENGA, and a lot of people find the humor in RIPNDIP enjoyable. It’s a good harmony of two products”.

The new line includes two new limited editions of the RIPNDIP TENGA CUP. The black “RIPNDIP×TENGA NERMAL LOVES CUP” sees a variation on the famed Lord Nermal pose, with the iconic cat making a heart gesture with his hands surrounded by a flowering of red hearts. The blue “RIPNDIP×TENGA LORD NERMAL BLUE CUP” sees Lord Nermal showcasing his more familiar two fingered expression.  

RIPNDIP is the skate-inspired brand that has redefined streetwear with its eclectic designs. The impetus for the RIPNDIP TENGA CUPs is largely down to RIPNDIP’s founder Ryan O’ Conner’s fondness for the brand. When asked about the reasoning for the RIPNDIP TENGA CUPs, O’Conner said: “Because I think it’s going to be an amazing product, and I want to introduce it to all our fans. I think our fans, everyone that loves RIPNDIP, are really going to enjoy this one. I think that a lot of them might not know about it yet, so I feel like they’re really going to enjoy it – thoroughly.”

Ryan isn’t the first to fall in love with the TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP. With a tight squeeze upon insertion, an unrivaled stimulation from unique internal details, and an air hole for vacuum control, it is an addictive and stylish disposable product that has had a hold on the hearts of many since its creation in 2005. 

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA says: “With our history of interesting and innovative creations, TENGA is always happy to innovate alongside RIPNDIP. The previous RIPNDIP TENGA CUPs were a huge hit with both of our fanbases, so it only makes sense to put Lord Nermal on another batch of CUPs. The simple design of the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP makes it a great entry-level product as well as a great canvas for this exciting product.”