Rock Candy Toys President and Creator Keith Caggiano announces sale of company shares

Rock Candy Toys has announced that Keith Caggiano, creative founder and President, is transitioning ownership to Rock Candy CEO, adult industry veteran and hall of fame inductee David Joseph. The acclaimed line of sweet treat-inspired pleasure products debuted in January of 2018, and captivated the adult industry with its undeniably energetic presence.Rock Candy Toys was founded in mid-2017 during a casual conversation when Joseph explained his plans to expand into the novelty business with his male pleasure products company, Bedroom Products. Caggiano shared details of the project he had been developing, titled ‘Rock Candy’, and the rest is now sweet history.The Rock Candy team set out to conceptualize an artfully curated line of candy-themed sex toys, with a strategy that delved beyond bold color combinations and unique design features.  The underlying principle of Rock Candy was rooted in consumer psychology, and the power of facilitating a remarkable retail experience. “We set out to design a distinctive line of toys that consumers would innately respond to; and one that retailers would be excited to showcase,” said Caggiano. “We wanted to deliver something remarkable for retailers and their customers.” Rock Candy established itself as a frontrunner in the adult novelty retail market in January of 2017, marking its debut with full page teaser ads and vibrant trade show booth displays. Caggiano’s intentionally bold approach immediately secured distribution partnerships around the globe. Caggiano plans to focus on other brand-building projects, including the expansion of his lines Rock On and Rock Life recreational enhancement now expanding into sex, drugs and rock & roll with adult products, cannabis and music for both the adult and mainstream markets under new promotional company Vinyl Records LLC.