Rocks-Off appear in top UK newspaper, ‘The Sun’

Rocks-Off have landed considerable mainstream media coverage after appearing in ‘The Sun’, a high-circulation, UK tabloid newspaper.

The article is called ‘How to have the best sex TONIGHT: an hour-by-hour guide to get you in the mood’. Ruby-Glow, the sit-on vibrator, is mentioned for being an arousing way to beat the afternoon slump in the office: “Wait until your colleagues have left the office for a coffee break then give yourself a whole new type of buzz with a discreet personal massager that is designed to be placed on a woman’s office chair so she can sit on it and turn herself on.”

Andrea Duffy, International Sales Manager, said: “The Ruby Glow continues to gain exposure in the mainstream media for its revolutionary design. Our customers have enjoyed a surge in sales of the product since it came 2nd in a vibrator test by leading women’s lifestyle magazine ‘Good Housekeeping’, and was called “revolutionary” and “great for disabled people as it’s hand-free” by popular British Sexologist, Tracey Cox, on the UK daytime TV show ‘This Morning’. We expect there to be continued interest in Ruby Glow for our customers and those looking for a sit-on vibrator that stands out amongst their product offering.”

The Ruby Glow’s inventor, erotic fiction writer, Tabitha Rayne said: “What a super article about how to get yourself in the mood throughout the day! The Ruby Glow can certainly be a part of that and I’m very excited that they’ve picked up on it. Anticipation is a real aphrodisiac and exploring your own erogenous zones while apart is a wonderful way to ignite passion when you get together again.”