Rocks Off moves to sustainable plastic free packaging

“Designing packaging that is compact, plastic free and sustainable ultimately improves everyone’s experience, not just for the end user but also on so many levels,” says Company Director, Gary Elliott. “When we looked at how we were going reposition our packaging we wanted it to tick several boxes. We wanted our sustainability ethos embedded right from the start and not just tagged on to the end of the overall design process.” 

Currently sustainability is something that everyone can relate to from how the purchaser disposes of waste, the raw materials needed to manufacture, shipping costs, onward journey and ultimately less inventory take-up space on the shelves. In saving all of this, Rocks Off still wanted to provide an easy to navigate and enjoyable un- boxing experience for the end user.

“Let’s face it there’s nothing worse than looking forward to experiencing your purchase only to be presented with packaging that doesn’t match the product inside, it’s all part of the journey and all of that has its own perceived value to the end user,” Gary explains. “As a brand we have been complemented on how we present our products so when we looked at how we were going to reduce our footprint we didn’t want to lose our identity which is part of how we compete in the market.”

Director Ian Marshall along with Rocks Off’s packaging engineers and Head of Creative have really worked incredibly well to achieve impressive results which the company believes shows how packaging design and sustainability can be shoe- horned successfully together without losing brand impact and kerb appeal.

“We’ve started the role out now on both our core and new line inventory and our customers can expect to see the changes at the start of the new year,” Garry says in conclusion.