Rocks Off exhibited at the NEC Spring Fair

Taking place at the NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom, between the 4-7th of February 2024 the Spring Fair provides buyers the opportunity to explore thousands of products from the most innovative exhibitors.

This is a new show for us, and we are delighted to be given the opportunity to show case our SWB ranges to the buyers attending this show,” said Managing Director Sue Walsh.Along with our current SWB range NIYA, we will also be presenting our Unity and the Quest range of accessible products”.

NIYA was launched just over 12 months ago and aimed specifically at the SWB market. People are now consciously prioritizing their wellbeing in their personal and emotional space in a positive, healthy, and environmentally conscious direction. NIYA has been crafted to inspire, captivate, and stimulate the senses. “As a team we discussed what the SWB consumer and mainstream market wanted, we then went on to deliver the products that we believe will give the best shared and solo experience. Additionally, with the push towards embracing inclusivity, which comes in many forms, including age and health, products for women experiencing menopause are now seen an integral part of day -to- day necessities for their overall health and well -being and with this there is a need for them to be both accessible and an acceptable part of general lifestyle and well needs. Women have a right to re-claim their intimate space so they can be the most authentic version of themselves every day. The greater the understanding and support, the more women will be able to successfully navigate through menopause in both their personal and career spaces”.

“Unite Dilators and Kegels are different in that we have worked on these with a health care professional. They are uniquely designed work on massaging the Fascia, hence the sensory nodules.The Fascia tissue provides internal structure; however, it has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up hence the reason why this is so important for women experiencing related issues both pre and post menopause and other issues after childbirth, intimate trauma, and painful sex etc. They are also particularly effective for treatment of postoperative male-to-female transgender patients who wish to maintain the patency of the neovagina.”

“Quest, in association with Enhance the UK is the newly launched inclusive and accessible range positioned to assist disabled people to enable them to enjoy their intimate solo and couples pleasure time. Everything has been taken into consideration for these products, from ease of box opening, colours of packing to give visual identification through to ease of use and variant enjoyment and stimulation levels and a braille QR code also loads audio product descriptions. The standpoint of Enhance the UK is that everyone should be able enjoy their intimate pleasure space and we are delighted to have been able to work with them and their focus groups, in bringing this range to market,“ Sue shared. “There is a real disconnect and general misunderstanding about disability, disabled people, their intimate needs, and their right to SWB. I think the difference with this range is that it has been mentored by an organisation who understand the needs, requirements and daily challenges that people with disabilities face in both their professional and personal lives and not just another “pleasure product company” looking to produce a range of products!“