Satisfyer invites all women to create an online safe space in celebration of International Women’s Day

Satisfyer announced the launch of an Instagram campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD), to run from March 8 to 14. In an effort to challenge traditional standards and concepts of female sexuality, the award-winning sexual wellness company is using the overarching IWD-theme #ChoosetoChallenge and calling upon users across the world to add their own words to the statement “Sexual freedom empowers me to…”.

All statements tagged with @satisfyercom will be collected, anonymized, and uploaded on serve as a platform to showcase the diversity of individuals embrace their own sexuality as an important step towards a fulfilling lifestyle. A wide range of influencers and activists in the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, and the United States have lent their support to the campaign.

Supporting Satisfyer’s IWD campaign is content creator and sex positive influencer Ellie Tyrell who told Satisfyer “Sexual freedom empowers me to be unapologetically myself. For too long women have been told what sexy should look like… and how sex should be. Sexual freedom means I can explore sex by myself, on my terms, and discover exactly what I like without fear of embarrassment/judgment! The result? A whole lot more self love & self-acceptance!“ 

The campaign builds upon the company’s goal to celebrate human sexuality and empower individuals. The so-called Satisfyer Effect (details below) unleashes undiscovered levels of satisfaction and well-being, while also boosting confidence levels. In particular, Satisfyer empowers women to tap into their sexual potential and to create a fulfilling lifestyle by being able to openly express their sexual needs and wants. 

Against this background, Satisfyer aims to continue tearing down taboos by giving all women easy access to a variety of testimonials in an easily accessible online safe space. As Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer and Certified Clinical Sexologist, states: “Women are often criticized for embracing their bold, dynamic sexuality – the standards set by society are not serving the individual. In Ms. White’s view, “Unrealistic beauty standards are embedded into the minds of women, until they rebel with self-love and radical expression of their own sensuality.” 

To underline Ms. White’s statement, Satisfyer starts its initial call to action with an illustration by the UK artist Hazel Mead, herself a strong advocate of female empowerment. The picture shows multicultural silhouettes in a self-pleasuring moment, underscoring the importance of saying a natural YES to yourself, releasing tension, and embracing the empowering potential of female sexuality. In turn, the illustration is aligned with one of the Satisfyer brand values – “sexual health is for everyone, regardless of their sexual identity, socioeconomic background, age, or gender”. 

According to Megwyn White, Satisfyer Sexologist, Mead’s picture evokes the primal energy and freedom that people should enjoy in the middle of an orgasm. She adds that this is precisely what Satisfyer would like to express in the picture: “Say Yes to yourself and to your needs. Gain confidence by accepting yourself. Enjoy the energy of your voice and body and wave goodbye to taught systems that restricted you.”

With this campaign, Satisfyer celebrates women’s confidence to say yes to their sexuality. As Ms. White says, “it takes courage to accept yourself not as you want to be, but as you are, and to fully enjoy your body. This is why we hope that all the different testimonials will provide a blueprint for other women to follow in their journey of sexual discovery which shall lead the way to a more successful lifestyle.”

How to actively participate?

  • Complete the statement “Sexual freedom empowers me to…” between the 08th and 14th of March 2021
  • Tag @Satisfyercom and add the #Choosetochallenge from IWD
  • Upload it on your IG Story or Post
  • Satisfyer will collect the statement, anonymize it and upload it in the SafeSpace to inspire other women and show the many faces of sexual freedom from all around the world

How to participate indirectly and draw inspiration?
Visit the Safe Space on by clicking the campaign banner on the front page or visit directly.