Scala Playhouse keeps expanding

Scala Playhouse has established a firm base in Almere, the Netherlands, and is now looking at other opportunities to expand its business further; resulting in a special showroom loyalty program and – from the 1st of May onwards – a new “World Class Digital Marketing Powerhouse” in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The distribution of Scala Playhouse will also be integrated with the current Beate Uhse logistics center to establish a centralized and efficient work-flow to guarantee the best possible service for its customers. The Scala Playhouse office and its showroom will remain in Almere, the Netherlands, where the company plans to exploit its current logistics center to a third party in the future.

The company saw the busiest Scala Fair yet in March. As the showroom in Almere is still of one Scala Playhouse’s most unique features, the company is investing in making it more impressive. This means that retailers can expect better offers and deals when they visit the showroom, plus a special loyalty program where they can score themselves amazing rewards. Scala Playhouse aims to make each showroom visit extra special and hopes retailers will appreciate the increased focus on making a trip to Scala Playhouse a profitable experience for them. The company has also started its preparations for the next Scala Fair this autumnon on the 4th and 5th of September 2016.

Besides a focus on optimizing the customer experience, Scala Playhouse has established a new ERP-system; which will enable the company to offer better and more inclusive customer service. Another prospect is the expansion of the Scala Playhouse sales team; with the company actively searching and investing in new, qualified and knowledge sales staff to strengthen its team.

Last, but certainly not least, Beate Uhse is opening a new “World Class Digital Marketing Center” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The location in the Dutch capital is an important step for Beate Uhse, as well as Scala Playhouse; creating a new, vibrant location from with the Scala Playhouse marketing team will be strengthened by the marketing and e-commerce specialists from the Beate Uhse group. The “World Class Digital Marketing Center” aims to attract talented and innovative people.