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Scala Playhouse makes transition to SCALA

The business activities of Scala Playhouse have been acquired by Walter Kroes and Trudy Pijnacker effectively immediately. This change entitles that Scala Playhouse is not longer part of the Beate Uhse Group and will continue its presence as an international wholesale distributor under the name SCALA with new management.

Kroes and Pijnacker have many years of experience within the adult trade and erotic wholesale industry, ensuring the continuity of SCALA. The decision to sell the company was made based on strategic reasons by the Beate Uhse Group. The focus of SCALA will be solely on B2B customers (retail and e-commerce). The employees of Scala Playhouse will be transferred with the acquisition to SCALA, so that retailers will have the same point-of-contact within the organization and there are no direct changes to the ordering process.

In the coming period, the new management wants to invest heavily in improving the online infrastructure, stock availability and product development. The assortment of SCALA will focus mainly on toys, lingerie and drugstore. For strategic reasons the film and DVD product categories will be removed from SCALAs assortment. SCALA also promises to continue its partnerships with suppliers.

To fully make the transition from Scala Playhouse to SCALA, the company will be moving to a new office location and warehouse, and is working on a new website, offering an online portal that wants to cater exactly to the needs of their B2B customers.

“The coming 2 to 3 months we’ll be working hard on making the transition go smoothly. The SCALA Fair on the 3rd and 4th of September will go ahead as planned, giving you the opportunity to get introduced to new owners Walter Kroes and Trudy Pijnacker, plus catch up with the existing SCALA team for more information regarding the changes,” the company said in a press release.

The distributor aims to be ‘fully reloaded’ from Scala Playhouse to SCALA for the upcoming eroFame on the 11th to the 13th of October in Hannover, Germany. “We see eroFame as a fantastic occasion to represent the new and improved SCALA, demonstrate the excellent level of service you can expect of us and showcase everything our company will offer for B2B retailers. We hope to have informed you accordingly regarding this change and look forward to continuing our success as your go-to international erotic wholesale distributor under the new name SCALA,” the statement continues.