Screaming O’s sanitary sex toys dominate sales in 2020  

In the COVID-19 era, what are pleasure seekers enjoying the most in their daily lives? According to Screaming O, it’s sanitary sex toys! In a new blog post, ‘Sanitary Sex Toys: Disposable Pleasure Products for Your Sexual Health’, the company lays out the stimulating benefits of single-use adult items that offer a safe and comfortable experience for every romantic rendezvous. 

“Not all sex toys are created equally, as they are designed and produced using a wide variety of materials that feel amazing against your most sensitive areas,” the article states. “Some of those materials that are used are slightly more challenging to clean, creating an adult toy that could harbor yeast and bacteria within the microscopic openings on their surfaces… that can lead to urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections.” 

Screaming O’s online disposable toy section offers a variety of vibrant – and inexpensive – adult toys, such as the ColorPoP FingO Tips, LingO vibrating tongue ring, and Screaming O Touch Plus touch-activated vibrating rings, among others. And don’t forget the condoms! 

Each unique pleasure product is designed for one night of explosive fun, then can be simply tossed afterwards: budget-friendly, individually-wrapped and perfect for enjoying guaranteed bacteria-free Os on the go!