Shots will present over 200 new products at eroFame

This year, Shots will release over 200 products and 4 complete new brands during this year’s eroFame in Hannover. All of these products are 100% designed in house by Shots. The company sees “Innovation” as the keyword for a successful release and promises to keep this in mind with their release. At eroFame 2015, Shots released their brands VIVE and SONO and since then those brand have gone on to receive several awards from around the world.

The new release will include a selection of vibrators, BDSM toys, male pleasure products, marketing materials and more. Shots will also be showcasing some brand new concepts. “All in all this means that there will be something for every retailer to complete their collections or just fill the gaps in their product assortment. Shots certainly isn’t one to reveal their whole hand at once, so, be prepared for more exciting surprises to be pulled out of the bag during the fair,” the company said.

Shots asks visitors of eroFame to make an appointment with one of the Shots account managers beforehand. If you are unable to do so, you are still very welcome to come and visit them. Shots is located at booth Nr. 147.